we specialize in installing ADT monitored wireless security systems, wired security systems and activating existing home security systems. Below you will find the information about home security system equipment used in residential and businesses, with simple explanations of each part.

Standard Security System Equipment 


Security System Touchpad

The basic function of your security touchpad is to arm and disarm your security system and see the status of your system.  


One of the most important benefits of the touchpad is that it has police, medical and fire panic buttons for home emergencies.  You may also program a code for ambush hostage situations.


One of the other popular features of the touchpad is the chime mode. When your security system is disarmed you can turn on the chime mode to beep or voice prompt when one of the sensored doors or windows opens and closes. Parents like the chime mode to notify them when the kids are going in and out.


There are two basic ways to arm your security system. STAY MODE arms your perimeter door and window sensors and glass break sensors. STAY MODE allows you to freely roam your home. AWAY MODE arms your perimeter protection and also the motion sensors. 

Door and Window Sensors

Door and window sensors provide perimeter protection and sound the alarm when armed doors or windows are opened.  
Security Motion Sensor

Motion sensors create an interior trap zone for backup protection of the door and window sensors.


Most motions installed in homes today are pet immune. Cats and small dogs can freely roam the home when you are gone and your security system is armed in AWAY MODE.

Key-Fob Remote

This wireless key-fob remote is one of the most popular security products because it makes your system incredibly easy to use. It makes arming and disarming your security system as simple as arming your car alarm.

Glass Break Sensor

This security device is designed for dual pane and up glass. It triggers the alarm when a burglar breaks a window or glass door. The alarm sounds immediately when the glass is broken and while the intruder is still outside of your home.

Monitored Smoke Detector Combo

The Monitored Smoke/Heat Detector and carbon monoxide is one of the best enhancements to a monitored home security system.


Unlike regular smoke detectors, when your Monitored Smoke/Heat Detector and carbon monoxide detects a fire and carbon, it sends an alarm signal to ADT's Central Station and an ADT Operator will dispatch your local fire department whether your home or not.


Also, most home insurance companies will give you an additional discount for having monitored fire protection. Most importantly, monitored fire protection saves lives!

ADT Control Home Security System Equipment
Remote Interactive Security Services 

ADT control with Remote Interactive Security Services. Here are the seven main benefits ADT Control will provide for you and your family.


1. Remotely check the status of your security system


2. Arm or disarm your security system remotely


3. Get text and email notification of alarm events and emergencies


4. See event history and user activity


5. Download iPhone, iPad and Android Apps

ADT Pulse with Video Monitoring 

ADT Cameras give you the added security of video monitoring.


View real live video of your home from anywhere using a mobile device or computer with an Internet connection.


Record 30 second video clips of device and emergency alarm events. Saves your video for 30 days in your control app for 30 days.

Keyless Deadbolt 

ADT Control with home automation includes the added protection of automated dead bolt locks. You have the ability to lock/unlock the door with your smart phone anywhere in the world with internet connectivity.

ADT Smart Thermostat
With your ADT smart thermostat you can have your thermostat set to go to a certain temperature or turn off when you arm your security system to away mode. And with control remote interactive services you can also remotely control your thermostat from your mobile devices with an Internet connection. No more worrying about whether you left the heater or air conditioning on all day and if your on a vacation.. heat up your home before you arrive.
Smart Garage door opener
Have you ever left your home and wondered.... did I remember to shut my garage door? No turning back around and wasting valuable time. with the ADT Smart Garage Door Opener, It gives you access to ADT control app to Check the status, remotely open or close your garage door and to have a peace of mind when leaving the premises